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Winter Protection Valet

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Winter is approaching! That awful time of year when your vehicle’s bodywork takes a battering from being exposed to harsh conditions such as road salt, grit and freezing conditions, all of which can cause minor damage to your car’s paintwork, protect yours today.

Winter Protection Valet for Cambridge
Winter Protection Valet

Our winter protection valet has been designed to add an extra layer of protection to the exterior of your vehicle. First I cleanse the vehicle with a safe wash and exterior decontamination processes using some of the best products available to the market. Then I apply a layer of hydrophobic protection to the exterior of the vehicle reducing the chances of damage during the harsh months of winter. Our protection will last up to 10 months if not longer.

Winter Protection Valet Inclusions:

2 Foam Method & Vehicle Rinsed

Alloys Wheels Cleaned

Traffic Film Remover applied to all door/boot sills & inner arches

Vehicle shampooed & washed

Paintwork decontaminated with synthetic clay towel

Tar Spots removed

Autoglym Coat-It applied to vehicle

Vehicle Rinsed

Dried with soft plush microfibre drying towel / InstaDry cloth

Paintwork protected with 12 month sealant

Tyres dressed for that showroom finish

Clean all exterior glass using Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner

Glass coated with hydrophobic coating


Small Cars - £150.00

Medium - Large Cars - £170.00

M.P.V & 4x4's - £199.00

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