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Car Paint Measuring Tool & Measuring Service

Car Paint Inspection Service

Do you have concerns regarding the quality of the paint on your (new) motor vehicle?

Many have never heard of a paint inspection. Few companies offer this as a separate service. However, a paint inspection has many more advantages than you might think and can be crucial in the purchase, sale and detailing of a car! With a paint inspection, as the word itself says, I will inspect your paint.

A new car can also benefit from a paint inspection. Many "new" cars are not as new as you might think. These cars are quickly given a PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) in-house at the dealership, before the customer comes to collect them. However, there will be contamination on the paint, there will be scratches on the car, and possibly residues of glue from the transportation vinyl.

I can provide you with a detailed paint inspection report, outlining any defects with the paint on your motor vehicle, which includes a paint thickness measurement of each panel.

The paint inspection can determine if your vehicle has previously had any repairs to a particular area, or if the entire vehicle has been repainted.

Here at Ultimate Valet Cambridge, I use a digital paint thickness gauge (PTG) that is able to detect both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. What that means is, I can see past the glossy paint on those newer vehicles with aluminium bodies. Some of the older PTGs are not able to detect aluminium and therefore could leave you not knowing the condition of some of the body panels. The only thing I can’t see through is plastic but I am working on that dilemma.

Once the paint inspection is carried out, I can provide you with a detailed report. You can provide the manufacture with a copy of our report and request it to be reviewed internally if you are not happy with the inspection outcome. In some cases, the manufacture will provide you with a repair under warranty, however in other cases, the concern could be related to an external influence (such as chemical contamination).

Whatever your situation, Ultimate Valet Cambridge will provide you with advice on how to best manage the concern or recommend a suitable repair.

I can also advise on the condition of glass, seals, and trim around the windows and doors. This is crucial with older vehicles that may have deteriorated.

Contact me for further information regarding vehicle paint inspection.

Price: £99.99 including PDF report

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