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Mobile valeting services for Cambridge

Full Valet

Our full valet gives special attention to the exterior and interior. The full valet is most popular following the winter months, lease returns or just prior to selling. Removing winter salt from harsh weather or preparing your car for sale. Ideal for vehicles up to a few years old.

Full Valet Cambridge

Interior Inclusions

  • Vacuum all carpets incl. the boot area

  • Brush & vacuum all seats

  • Dust all surfaces & clean ashtray & door bins

  • Clean all glass using Autoglym Window Clean or Autoglym Glass Cleaner

  • Apply interior Autofresh

  • Deep clean of all interior plastics, dashboard, instruments & door cards

  • All interior plastics, dashboard & door cards re-dressed with a natural looking finish

Full Valet Services Cambridge

Exterior Inclusions

  • 2 Foam Method & Vehicle Rinsed

  • Alloys Wheels Cleaned

  • Traffic Film Remover applied to lower half incl. all door/boot sills & inner arches

  • Vehicle shampooed & washed

  • Dried with plush microfibre drying towel

  • Tyres dressed for that showroom finish

  • Clean all exterior glass using Autoglym Window Clean or Autoglym Glass Cleaner

Full Valet Services for Cambridgeshirepg

Exterior Inclusions

  • Tar spots removed prior to polishing stage

  • Exterior paintwork polished using the best suited polish for your vehicle

  • Upgrade with Autoglym Coat-It - £9.99 (what's this?)

  • Upgrade with Air Con Sanitiser - £12.00 (what's this?)

  • Upgrade with seats shampoo - £50.00 / £70.00 MPV

  • Dog Hair removal - £45.00 (up to 1 hour extra)

  • Odour Removal using Ozone or Chlorine Dioxide Professional kit - £120.00

  • Glass Coating - £69.99 - (what's this?)

  • Small Cars - £99.00

  • Medium - Large Cars - £110.00

  • M.P.V & 4x4's - £120.00

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