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The Story of Alfa Romeo’s Quadrifoglio Badge

The green four-leaf clover, set inside a triangle, has a deep history of triumph and tragedy for Alfa Romeo.

It dates back to the 1920s after Italian race car driver Ugo Sivocci joined the Alfa Romeo team with legendary drivers Enzo Ferrari and Antonio Ascari.

Ugo Sivocci was a talented driver, but could never take the top spot in a race and was a perennial second-place finisher.

In 1924, in an effort to banish this bad luck, he painted a four-leaf clover encased in a square box on the side of his car.

In his first race, adorning the "Quadrifoglio Verde", he won!

But just a few weeks after winning the Targa Florio race, Sivocci was testing the new Alfa Romeo P1 on the Monza circuit and did not have time to paint his lucky cloverleaf on the car before he took to the track. Tragically, he crashed and lost his life and a legend was born.

From that point forward, all of Alfa’s race cars, and high performance cars, have featured the “Quadrifoglio Verde,” but with one small change.

All future clovers were encased in a triangle, with the missing point symbolizing the loss of Ugo Sivocci.

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