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Reducing costs & carbon footprint...

Our new addition to the arsenal. Ultimate Valet always keeps ahead with products and work equipment, and re-invests into new tools to improve end results and save costs.

The ERP180 is Numatic's brand new energy saving recycled plastic vacuum range made up from 75% of the highest quality , recycled material and supplied with the highest efficiency motor yet to save on running costs. While delivering the same high quality performance as other Numatic Henrys. The ERP180 is designed and engineered to be built for sustainable productivity using the new 420W High- efficiency motor the ERP180 delivers professional cleaning while reducing energy usage and cost.

More than 20 years on and Henry Hoover has had a few changes from where he started out, he now has a smaller motor, however, due to advances in motor technology, he is still more than capable of doing the job. We find that he will lift carpets in some circumstances, the suction really is that great!

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