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How much does it cost to remove vinyl sign writing from a van?

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Need vinyl graphics removed from a vehicle, van or car? Call Ultimate Valet Cambridge, as we are experts in vinyl graphics removal. If you are thinking about selling your vehicle or just about to change your graphics/sign writing, then give Ultimate Valet Cambridge a call. Without the expert knowledge and tools, this type of work can become problematic. I even remove badly cracked vinyl. I also specialise at removing Chapter 8 chevrons and reflective vinyl, from vans, cars quickly and safely.

I will ensure all the glue and silhouetting of the imagery bleached from the sun is removed. If you want your commercial vehicle to look its best, then give me a call, but check I cover you area.

The vinyl graphic removal service includes:

Decals, logos, wording removed

Glue remnants removed

Silhouetting removed by machine if required

SWB vans - from £175.00

MWB-LWB vans- from £225.00

Extra LWB / HT vans - from £299.00

Please note that oxidised/faded panels outside of vinyl area, will not be machine polished. Please consider this extra cost when requesting quotes.

Images can be text/WhatsApp or emailed in order for me to quote quicker on 07917800806

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