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End of car lease mobile valeting, do you need to clean a car at the end of lease?

At the end of the Lease or PCP contract, your vehicle is required to be returned to the lease company and assessed to determine whether the vehicle meets the agreed returned condition and subject to "Fair Wear & Tear".

"Fair Wear & Tear" occurs when normal usage causes deterioration to a vehicle. It is not to be confused with damage which occurs as a result of a specific event or series of events such as impact, inappropriate stowing of items, harsh-treatment, negligent acts or omissions. (As per the BVRLA - British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association).

The "Fair Wear & Tear" clause will include all exterior paintwork, bumpers and trim, the condition of the interior, all glass and mirrors, tyres and wheels, and the mechanical condition of the vehicle.

Before your vehicle is due back to the leasing company, consider the following:-

Understand the standard - You can request a copy of the BVRLA industry standard through your leasing company or check with your lease company. (You may have received this already).

Appraising your vehicle - This will identify any damage that does not constitute "Fair Wear & Tear" and requires repair.

Carry out the appraisal of the vehicle approximately 4 weeks before the vehicle is due for return. This allows you to arrange to have any unacceptable wear and tear rectified.

Our lease return valet will ensure your vehicle is ready for handover and in a better condition to avoid those recharges that lease companies like to charge.

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