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Smoke Odour Removal Service From Car

Updated: Jan 15

Odour Removal Service from cars

Ultimate Valet Cambridge can remove persistent smells as I have years of experience and understand the problem. The majority of the time, the smell/odour is a single source/problem/cause.

Odours can sometimes be problematic to remove because although we might kill the bacteria, unless we completely remove the source of the smell, they are likely to persist.

We can locate and remove the source of the odour, and then we have a wide range of products which eliminate the smell of cigarette smoke, pets, damp, mould, mildew, food and drink, including milk and other unsavoury substances.

Cigarette Smoke Odour Removal & Eliminator

With over 18 years of experience I have developed a system to remove smoke odours from the vehicle.

A full interior valet service is carried out, but with a safe chemical that is specifically developed for nicotine removal. I pay particular attention to the steering wheel, front seat belts, headlining, dashboard, and sun visors. I will then use either chlorine dioxide or an ozone generator to finish off the interior, which fogs the headlining, underneath seats, foot wells and air vents.

Dog & Pet Odour Removal

Full interior valet before an enzyme treatment to remove the smell permanently.

Pet Odour Removal Service, including smoke removal

Mould Removal & Elimninator

I can provide mould cleaning from car seats and the interior upholstery. Mould is a common problem for many vehicles. If you don’t use your vehicle for a while, mold can grow within it. Mould spores can also seriously affect your health, and need to be prfoessionally removed.

Whatever, your odour within your car is, Ultimate Valet Cambridge has the techniques, knowledge and tools to remove safely.

In order to secure this type of service, book an Interior Valet via the book on line function, and select Ozone or Chlorine Dioxide extra on the booking form if odour removal required.

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