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Concrete & Brick Dust Removal from car paint

Does cement and brick dust cause damage to my paint? Short answer is yes! Even if left for a short while. In this situation, these types of contamination need to be removed quickly and safely.

Can I remove it myself... probably if you know what you're doing. But call a professional.

Do not try to remove it yourself with Brillo pads, wire wool, sand paper, kitchen scourers, Magic Sponge Eraser, oven cleaner, dry cleaning fluid, Vim, Jif, Crunchy Peanut Butter, or any wonder products or DIY hacks you saw on an advert on Facebook or Pinterest! None of these are, "The secrets that the professionals don't want you to know!"

Roughly a third of cars that come to me with some kind of paint issue with cement or brick dust have damage on them from where somebody has tried to remove the covering with something harsh and abrasive. It is true, we sometimes use harsh chemical, abrasive compounds and even sandpaper, but we have the equipment and expertise to put things right.

Just call Ultimate Valet, I have experience and 100% success rate on all rectification jobs.

More images of this job can be found here: Concrete Removal

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