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Autoglym Lifeshine CeraFuse/Carbon Shield Cambridge

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Q. Autoglym Lifeshine Carbon Shield, now Cerafuse, what is it and what does it do?

A. Autoglym LifeShine is a vehicle protection system that is professionally applied at the dealership ONLY to your car’s paintwork, upholstery and glass. It offers you peace of mind by protecting your car from the day you take delivery for the lifetime of ownership, and is "guaranteed". Please note that any Lifeshine offered outside of dealership is not warrantied, and should not be in the hands of mobile valeters. Detailers wouldnt use it, as it doesn't offer the same levels of paint protection that ceramic coatings offer.

Q. Is Autoglym Lifeshine any good?

A. The lifeshine product contains good levels of polysiloxane, and is a good product, if charged at a reasonable rate. It is poor application that let these type of products down. But as above, doesn't give the same durability as a true ceramic coating, and must be applied to fully prepared paintwork, something most dealerships dont do, as they operate in house valeters who dont have the time to spend hours prepping the paintwork ready for the Lifeshine application.

If this prep is skipped, the coating will only last a minimum of months. Whereas, a ceramic coating offered by Ultimate Valet & Detail, will outlast any Lifeshine coating by years.

Q. How long does AutoGlym Lifshine last and is it any good?

A. If applied properly, depending on mileage, expect approx 2 years. If not applied properly to perfected paintwork, then 6 months at most.

Q. What does Lifeshine cost, and is it worth it?

A. Dealerships will be sourcing Lifeshine at a reduced rate costing way less than £100 trade. Dealerships, then like to charge anywhere from £300 upwards. Sometimes, the garage may even throw in for "free" if you crunch numbers on finance etc. Dealer Sales will also be on extra commission to tick that Lifeshine extra to boost their bonus.

Autoglym Lifeshine v ceramic coating

You cant beat that new car feeling, and I know you'll want to keep your new purchase looking good. Most dealerships will offer a "long term paint sealant" when purchasing your new car, in the form of sealants such as Supaguard, Autoglym Lifeshine and GuardX amongst others.

Unfortunately these are often costly and do not offer the amount of protection or durability that a Ultimate Detail detailing service can give you. Ultimate Valet & Detail can give you far superior ceramic protection for just a little more than dealership coatings. We will prep your vehicle ready for coating and spend most of the day on your car, compared to 2 hours max at main dealer.

We offer ceramic coatings from Nanolex, Gtechniq and Opti-Coat Pro+

Before you consider Autoglym Lifeshine Carbon Shield in Cambridgeshire, please speak to me first. I'll give you professional free honest advice.

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