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Wax Is Dead QuickCure Ceramic

Ultimate Valet Cambridge is pleased to offer Wax Is Dead, QuickCure Ceramic on some levels of valets. This consumer ceramic coating offers up to 18 months of protection, and is available as an upgrade after a Claybar Machine Polish Valet or our Ultimate Valet Perfekt service. For PRO ceramic coatings, please refer to our detailing site, Ultimate Detail.

This £99.00 upgrade is ONLY available after these two mobile valeting services, as the vehicle paintwork would have been prepared sufficiently, having received a claybar and machine polish.

As the name suggests, QuickCure by Wax is Dead® is a unique ceramic coating that’s weatherproof in just one hour, making it ideal for mobile valeting.

  • Easy application

  • Up to 18 months of protection from one application.

  • Weatherproof cured in just one hour.

  • Safe and easy to apply indoors or outdoors.

  • Suitable for paint, wheels and plastics.

  • Suitable for matte and gloss finishes.

  • Enhances colour depth of vehicle paint.

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