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Gelcoat Restoration Polishing & Protection

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Is your motorhome or boat gelcoat faded, looking tired and possibly chalky? Then its long over due to be restored. But can gelcoat be restored? Generally yes!

So what is gelcoat?

Gel coat is a special coating that goes over the fibreglass on your boat, motorhome or glider trailer. It’s manufactured using an epoxy, polyester resin, a catalyst, and other chemicals.

It has little structural value but when combined with the fibreglass, it helps provide a smooth and durable surface that reduces structural weakening from water intrusion, salt, dirt, mould and ultraviolet light.

Gel coat restoration services for Cambridgeshire

With our expertise and techniques, Ultimate Valet Cambridge can restore your gelcoat. Please note that we do NOT repair. We offer gel coat cleaing services and restoration for boats, gliders, sailplane, glider trailers, motorhomes and caravans.

Ultimate Valet Cambridge can provide you with glider trailer cleaning services and restoration services, along with boat cleaning and polishing of gel coat, to revive the finish of your asset.

Maintaining gel coat is not a one-time service, but rather an ongoing process that helps protect and renew the surface of your boat or motorhome/caravan.

Once your gel coat surface has been restored, Ultimate Valet Cambridge can lock in the new look surface with an appropriate ceramic coating to give your gel coat longevity and greater durability to the outside elements.

Caravan machine polishing Cambridge

Ultimate Valet Cambridge can cater for all types of gel coat cleaning whether it be on a boat, caravan, or glider trailer.

Glider trailer cleaning and gel coat restoration services for Cambridgeshire
Glider valeting and cleaning services for Cambridgeshire

Contact Ultimate Valet Cambridge for further information.

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