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Did you know your vehicle can fail a MOT with oxidised headlights?

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Are your vehicle's headlights looking dull and yellowed? Is it becoming hard to see the road while you're driving at night? Has your car failed a MOT or have your headlights been noted as an advisory?

Headlights over time can become cloudy, yellow and cracked. This happens due to the polycarbonate lens being exposed to the sun’s uv radiation and harsh elements – road salts etc. Are your headlamps in need of restoration?

Ultimate Valet Cambridge can restore headlights and improve, and in some cases, to their original clarity in a simple three-step process.

Headlight restoration is a very cost effective solution, it’s environmentally smart by keeping the old headlights out of our landfills.

The headlight restoration service consists of multiple stages of sanding, using tried and tested safe methods to remove the failed UV protection, making the headlamps look as good as new.

Once the restoration is completed, Ultimate Valet can also protect the lights with a UV ceramic coating or paint protection film.

Charging from just £79.99 per set – Potentially saving £££’s!

Ceramic Coating £15.00 per pair

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