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Ultimate Valet Car Care

Cabriolet Roof Professionally Cleaned

Here you can see cabriolet roof, soft top surface damage. This is caused by high pressure lances being positioned too close to the fabric in order to clean the roof. What it actually does, is cause fibre damage to the roof material where the water flow has pushed out dirt at high pressure and leaves the roof with an uneven finish. Ultimate Valet carry out careful safe washing process to clean and revive convertible soft top roofs. Click on the image for the proper, professional care for cabriolet roofs.

Tyre Damage

Here we can see tyre and rubber damage due to inferior products placed on the tyre to make them look new. In some cases, the cheap side of the road hand car washes are using vegetable oil to re-dress tyres. Stop now! This can cause serious problems. Tyres are critical to the overall appearance of a car and yet are often overlooked. Considering the fact that tyres are in continual contact with the road and suffer from adverse effects of road tar, dirt, grime, water, salt, brake dust, grease AND ultra violet radiation (UVR), ozone, and oxygen, it is understandable that they require great care. Oil and cheap products will break down the antiozonant placed into the tyre to prevent rubber cracking and rubber degradation. Click on the image for a tyre which has been correctly cleaned and re-dressed with safe products.

Bodywork Damage

The above image is a perfect example of what you will receive from cheap, local hand car washes. Many of these side of the road car washes are so cheap and as such they rely on getting the most cars in and out each day to make their money; quantity rather than quality! Cheap sponges, harsh chemicals and half a job.

You might consider your local car wash gives your car a good clean & provides value for money, but it’s worthwhile looking at the long term results of these type of car washes. Cheap, inferior products will be used on your car resulting in your cars shine soon fading. Harsh cleaning products are often used which strip any wax off your car leaving the paintwork unprotected.

Have Ultimate Valet look after your car, we can clean, restore and protect your car. Click on the image for that perfect paintwork.

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