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Keeping your bike regularly serviced and maintained is a must for any rider. Corrosion and seized parts adds time and cost onto what can already be an expensive necessity.

Our treatment products have been shown to substantially reduce corrosion by up to 70% while at the same time penetrating and lubricating.

As an added bonus you should see time and effort you put into cleaning your bike greatly reduced. More fun time to do what you bought your bike for.

Using the correct cleaning products and techniques, Ultimate Valet will prepare your bike for the coating with advanced corrosion protection products that stay protecting for up to 12 months on electrical and motorised parts and 3 years with the ceramic upgrade on other areas.

  • Pre Rinse
  • Full Degrease
  • Hi Foam Shampoo
  • Warm air dry
  • Pre-Spray prep
  • Professional high-pressure spray-gun application of ACF-50. NOT from aerosol can.
  • Hand Polish & Wax
  • ACF50 Hand Finish
  • Cost - £99.00 - with ACF-50
  • Cost - £115.00 with XCP Rust Blocker
  • Optional Chain Sprockets cleaned & re-lubed - £15.00
  • Optional Uprgade Ceramic Coating - £70.00
  • Hard luggage £10.00 per box