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AlloyGators are available in 15 different colours and can also be colour coded to match your car paint work giving it a factory look finish. So if you want protection with discretion then you can choose from any of the colours available.

Choosing any of the available colours allows you to customise your cars alloys with the added bonus of protection against damaging your alloys against kerbs and pot holes. Weigh up the cost of a set of AlloyGators against the cost of a wheel or wheels being repaired then your on to a winner and saving money. AlloyGators save your wheels and also money.

AlloyGators are made in the UK and made of super tough nylon that offers amazing protection against kerb damage they are also flexible, but tough enough to give superior protection. AlloyGators are designed and manufactured here in the UK so it’s a 100% British Product. AlloyGator from Ultimate Valet is the only exclusive mobile fitter approved by AlloyGator to distribute in Cambridge.

  • Fitted £159.99
  • Optional. For an additional £40 you can add 2 replacement AlloyGators should you happen to have an encounter with any kerb. Normally £30* each to replace and a minimal travel charge you can save some money at least. You can add these at your initial purchase for only £20 each. Thereafter single replacements are £30 each. *The cost to replace one is £50. This cost is is £30 for the AlloyGator, £10 for fuel and £10 for fitting.